About Deloraine/Westbury and the practice

MMA-5 Classification

Primary Health division 50km away

Deloraine is on the Meander River in the north – west of Tasmania and is a service center for a rural population of approx. 7000. Deloraine itself has a population of around 2500 and is well serviced it has a local hospital with 20 beds, ambulance service, nursing homes, health and wellbeing center, post office, banks, churches, high school and primary school both public and private, Woolworths Supermarket, Pharmacy, real estate, online center, museum, park , swimming pool and caravan park. Deloraine is well known for its arts and crafts (largest craft fair in the southern hemisphere held here annually) antiques and restaurants. Recreation pursuits can include football, basketball, golf, tennis, badminton, squash, table tennis and cricket also the option to join service clubs, Lions, Rotary or Apex. Deloraine is situated 40 minutes west of Launceston and 40 minutes from Devonport on an excellent highway. The climate is varied with temperatures around -2 at night in the winter and around 23 during the day in the summer. It is close to the Western Tiers Mountain range and has excellent access to fishing and lakes.

Westbury is situated in a 15 kilometers closer to Launceston and Some people describe Westbury as Australia’s most English town. That’s because its charming streetscape includes a village green, a town common, a stately bluestone church, hedgerows and lanes, charming inns and stables, and restored civic buildings. Stop by the Big Wickets, a 6m-high set of cricket wickets that commemorate star local cricketer Jack Badcock, one of the first Tasmanians to play Test cricket for Australia. Rev things up at Pearn’s Steam World, which displays the biggest collection of steam engines in the Southern Hemisphere. It includes fire engines, tractors, water carts and steam rollers. Families can also ride the mini steam train.

We are a diverse work place with  10 GP’s  several IMG’s and 6 nurses. We have ATSI patients and also some from other cultures and religions. We have a cultural and safety policy and are committed to providing a safe and culturally diverse environment for our patients.

The local (Deloraine District ) hospital has no accident and emergency department, but our surgery has admitting rights for Deloraine $ Westbury Medical Centre for patients. It has 20 beds and varied services as well. It is only 2 kilometers from the practice. Our practice has seven consulting rooms at Deloraine and two Treatment rooms. At Westbury we have 3 consulting rooms and one treatment room. There are no visiting specialists or consultants at the local hospital but are situated at the Launceston, Mersey or Burnie Campus of the larger regional hospitals. We refer or can phone for advice from all sites.

Radiology and Imaging are conducted off site and the nearest is 40 km’s away at Latrobe or 50 km’s away in either Devonport or Launceston both  private and emergency available at these locations. We do have many visiting allied health providers at the practice including  dental, hearing, physiologist, psychologist, podiatrist, Chinese medicine practitioner. We also have visiting Specialists including dermatology and ultrasound.

We have pathology (Launceston pathology) on site at Deloraine M-F 8.30am-4.30pm and at Westbury it is provided by our nursing team.

Due to our location we normally send the majority of our referrals to the Launceston General Hospital but also use the Mersey or Burnie General Hospitals as well.

To transport a very ill patient we use Ambulance Service of which we have one crew based at Deloraine. They are usually here within 10 minutes in on site. If we have to wait for a crew from another area it can take 30 minutes.

All of our doctors take part in our after-hours service, we are triaged with health direct and then if they cannot help it goes to GP Assist which has a doctor and nurse to help. If they feel the patient needs to be seen they have a copy of our on-call roster and they contact the GP on call. The GP takes responsibility for the patient and if they need to be seen they go to the Deloraine District Hospital or are advised to go to the emergency department at the regional hospital in Launceston or Latrobe. If they go to the local hospital the patient is seen there with the support of the nursing staff. There are no doctors on staff at the local hospital. They GP on call has the phone support of all the GP’s who can be contacted for advice at any time.